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Talk to me about the spirit. Enlighten me. I grow ever closer to the world and further away from God, so I need to be reminded of his Glory. C.S Lewis made an anology of the weight of Glory. Imagine yourself enjoying a beautiful sunset on the horizon. […]

Coming out…

As I look at the city and see the beautiful lights that shine in this night. I appreciate this view. But then during the day, I struggle to appreciate the magnificent sun, the mother of all the light that I know. And even now, as I look up […]

The City & small towns

So I was taking a walk the other day, yes an actual walk – slow paced and with peaceful thoughts and maybe even a song (a calm song) – one that you would play even by the waterfall. Suddenly it began to drizzle and I was taking a […]


“There’s such a fine line between the things you want and the thing that you get.” Why are you so worried? Don’t you realise that the world and it’s fibers are just as loose as your problems? Imagine an ant on a full piece of paper. The paper […]