Be Myself

And if I lose myself for the sake of finding myself and then I find myself without You? Would I still be myself? What is me without you but a mere stranger walking on the other side of the street? But then what is me with you but […]

Mend a broken love.

How do you mend a broken axle? We’ve been stuck here on the side of the road trying to pump some life back into our love, But it all seems so futile when you’ve got so many holes that I cannot see and you remain silent – not […]

Ahead of my time.

When I was just a little rascal, I heard somebody say Time waits for no man. Some time later I remember hearing somebody else say You Snooze – you Lose. Then the days went by, followed by months and probably some years and somewhere in between, I remember […]

I Love Cheap Thrills!

I’m spoilt for choice really on the type of person I can choose to be in this life. You saw that film about that bloke who had multiple personalities, well I’ve got multiple casualties that have left me with a choice: revenge like a savage or avenge and […]


Contentment…I treat this word with contempt. Trying to pay attention to only the positive content but something always wants to tempt. Resentment is an overwhelming feeling I have to admit. Trying to stay optimistic under the pressure to submit. I have this head that feels like it’s not […]

Word ArT

Words are words, it’s nothing special, just a bunch of letters put together. Words are Words, it’s nothing special, just a language to communicate. Words are Words, it could be special, but only if I pick them right. Words are Words, it’s nothing complex, just pick a pen […]

Time will tell.

“Everything that happens in the darkness shall come to light”. Stay close because time will tell – and sadly, when she speaks, too often we don’t listen. Watch the body language. Relax everything else and just watch…watch and listen for she speaks an awesome revelationary tale. I cannot […]

Truth is Light.

I believe the truth is the light and it shines in all of us. We all have the light and the truth within us. The truth is around us and the evidence macroscopic in the dust. It’s evident that I have been there if you find my footprints. […]

South africa vs Democracy.

The case of South Africa vs Democracy. This I know will turn into a confusing rumble of words for many readers – If anyone would even care to read past this upcoming full-stop. I blame that on our diluted education system. So we have a country that has […]