Support and Donations

After a Year using the free blogging domain, I decided to attempt to Monetize my blog page and kick-off a some-what blogging career.

However, WordAds has not proven to be as fruitful as I thought it would.

The vision is to create this Blog into a platform to bring different minds together and share various ideas, skills and knowledge. I am a Law student at University, I often find myself surrounded with different people studying different fields, which I believe to be interesting and potentially useful to BRING to this Lifestyle Blog.

Philosophy, Psychology, Religion, Agriculture, Computer Programming, and overall life and it’s obstacles and victories from within the transitional phase from Adolescence to Adulthood.

I would love to feature all of these, as well as use these skills from my fellow students to help me where I am unable.

I have already written over 100 posts and would love to bring them together into an eBook, using the various skills from my peers.

I would also like to generate some kind of income as a young man. I continuously explore new ways to this and try not to jeopardize my Studies, as I have done before. And the plan is therefore to find a way to make some of that income from this new writing skill that I’m trying to develop.

And with that said, this is why I ask that IF you have enjoyed reading my mind on this blog, please donate to my PayPal account. ANY amount will be massively appreciated. Thank You.


That is my PayPal email account, When I can afford the Business account, I will add the Plugin to make it easier and more efficient.