Greta thurnberg: Vladimir Putin

Did you hear that Putin response to the climate change activist teenage sensation?

-“People in Africa and Asia would love to have the same living standards as in Sweden.”

-“Explain to them to probably use Solar energy… Has anyone explained to her how much it costs?”

-“Solar energy… Explain it to them that they will probably live another 20 to 25 years in poverty, and their children will live in poverty. Explain it to them.”

Any thoughts?

One comment

  1. Solar energy has come down a lot in price as the technology has evolved. Maybe Putin is not aware. Here is one estimate for example: (Now cheaper than coal and nuclear). Wind power is even cheaper. There was a recent report that suggested renewable energies would actually be the cheapest option for South Africa in the long run! Also then miners wouldn’t have to do the hazardous job of mining coal, they could rather get opportunities/training to work on renewable energies. The switchover should be handled carefully so people don’t lose jobs. Maybe if SA could start to produce solar panels and wind turbines it could also create jobs?

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