Lazy African.

Is my African dynamic or is my African, African?

My African comes easy, it feels all too lazy as natural as it comes. I don’t have to feint it, as that would probably taint it. But my African is my constitution, whether I like it or not.

So is my African merely African? Westerners have done a great job at convincing the masses that we are the lazy bunch. So is the fact that I don’t have to dig through the crust of the earth to find my African evidence to the theory?

Africans have always had to dig through the crust. Ask any westerner about things that are of value in Africa, and Gold will form part of the conversation.

It was our gold. It was found here in our own backyard. Yet it belonged to the crown of England, and our only way to earn a mention in its glory was to dig through the crust to unearth it.

Who says unearthed gold has no value? Apparently the streets of heaven are made of gold and other shinny metals and stuff…

They were called the hunter-gatherers… My forefathers.

But I wish they had been respected enough to be called “the people who walk on golden footpaths”.

Look at the narrative. Someone came forward and said “here’s a market. Here you will buy all your fruits and vegetables and anything else to your please”.

But today, they have found a new word to sell. That word is “organic”… It’s funny but not humerus when we Africans then say, “WOW” – if it isn’t not what we were doing before you came along and told us it was wrong.

But my African is African. You say it’s lazy, and so too is my writing. It don’t speak of no science, I know no better about the gods, and do no better for my God, so I’m African. Simply put, I am the moor that William said was good for nothing but my passion.

And this is my passion. To be African. To be what I am. To love as I do. To find these words as easily as they come, and do the things no AI can succumb.

My African is dynamic because what goes up must come down. And when all has been done, all will fall back to were it begun. And at the time of eternal judgement, all will see that Africa has not come undone.



  1. My African wife is one of the least lazy people I know. I am one of the laziest. And I think in those senses we are symptoms of our cultures. Nigerians at least tend to be aspirational- they want to be the best they can be. Brits however tend to just want to be happy, which is a much lazier, more selfish ambition.

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  2. This attitude of my fellow Westerners unnerves me. To the extent any Africans are lazy, it is largely because of emasculation and the image, carefully cultivated by colonialists, that WE are your providers, your caretakers, your deliverers. Thus, there was a short period of time that I was getting messages from African friends- “Dear brother, send me some money; I beg you!” I think far too highly of African ingenuity, to ever stoop so low as to hand money over, and continue the charade.

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    1. I hope not to speak too ahead of myself, with so many years and testing ahead of me yet.

      “I think far too highly of African ingenuity” is what you said…

      Those colonisers played not the games of children. They did very well to narrate the thinking on both the African about himself, and then the thinking of the people back home about the poor and sorry Africans in the starving wilderness.

      And now as Africa has got a piece of her mind back, in swoops Hollywood. But I cannot blame Hollywood for doing what it needs to do…

      But I really wish to see an Africa, especially its youth, that eventually finds some pride and joy in being itself, seeing its leaks and filling them up as we go forward.

      But if you take away a man’s identity, as they did so well, you can take away anything from under his nose, as they did so well.

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