Think man, Think!

The greatest trick that the devil has played on us was convincing us that he does not exist.

So he does not exist and so, there is no such thing as an after life, or eternity, and so, there should be nothing to worry about or fear about hell.

And that brings me to the thing I am most worried about in terms of the position that so many of my peers hold with regard to their relationship with death.

In the past, humans were once afraid of death. But today, humans are afraid of life.

I constantly worry that one of these days I will log on to Facebook and will eventually throw my phone against the wall. Everywhere I look, I see beautiful, smart girls dancing with the idea of death… It frightens me, it shakes the cells of my skin, giving me an itch that I simply can’t scratch off.

The problem is suicide. The romanticisation of death and evil, of sorrow and depression leads to death!

Satan admitted in court that he had been patrolling and watching everything that had been going on all over the earth. The judge challenged him to test one of his most faithful servants, Job. He allowed the Satan to go over to Job and do whatever he wanted with everything that the servant had possessed.

Everything he possessed. All his livestock – stolen. All his workers were killed, anything that remained – was burned down by heavenly fire!

Even his own children were crushed during a family feast, surely these were the works of the beast!

And as Job stayed true to the Lord, Satan suggested that possessions meant little, “skin-for-skin” he challenged. If a man losses his health, that is when you will see his true colours.

And the Lord agreed, but he remained steadfast that Job’s life should not be taken away from him.

And so it becomes clear, that everyman does have a price. Some fall at the fate of their possessions, but even the wisest crumble with their bodies.

And yet here we are, my friends and I, so weak are we that we are crumbling to our own thoughts. We fall with our thoughts only to show how weak at will we are.

But man, I would rather fall with my thoughts. I would rather let my mind drive me to insanity, that to run from it.

I find myself defeated when I talk to my peers and hear that they like a certain kind of modern music because it helps them not to think. Well, I can assure you that no music, no foolish cartoons and no Netflix will help you not to think.

See, we have the power at least to influence our thoughts, if not to control them. We can choose what to hear and see so as to lead our thoughts in a particular direction.

If you choose not to think for yourself, let me be the one to testify that whomever is behind that song or movie has done the thinking for you, and he has done so well that he has convinced you to let go of your own mind and give it unto him.

I say, think man, Think!

The devil is not allowed to take your life from you, but if you allow him to take your mind, he will make you take your life for him… Imagine that!

Think man, how have you allowed yourself to become so hopeless that you have given up that which was once your favourite asset?

Not so long ago we were children, we had our imagination, we tunneled with no limitation, we dreamt forever about our emancipation, it was not a drug hallucination, it was the tool that God gave us for preparation, to be the light of our nation, the leaders for the next generation, the next seed in his great plantation.

Think man, Think!

I don’t wanna see another one taking his own – another one halving the load for the enemy.

Take up your mind and think. And then when you’re past there, the lord will give you everything that you wish for…And then that too will sink, until we grow old and he starts to temper with our health, because that’s exactly what it is, it’s our duty to shame the devil and make him run headlessly around the world, wearing him down with our amazing lives lived in grace, until the day when we can watch him being put to disgrace.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God.


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