Brothers borrow.

Humans fall and get up. he’s still human.

Angels fall and there’s chaos. he’s a Demons now. judged. done and dusted.

And so it is hard not to see why we are so crime ridden, faminated, and hugely humiliated.

This here is sacred land. no shoes allowed, yet you burn the bush…

when Angels fall they become Demons, don’t you know?. . . You Know.

Free them that they may water their Seed, there’ll be no need for greed

when it’s given freely, there’s no need for greed.

Let my King have what is his, his peoples and seed.

He feeds even the needs of the birds above, and four times the cattle are filled. pain is Healed, sorrow never sees Tomorrow, the streets are safe for a brother to cross when he needs to borrow, making sure that the children always have enough to swallow.

Sacred land, they walked on golden pathways, imagine how beautiful that journey. Picking berries, gathered under glorious shades, the beauty of a wisdom older than the trees. A young man steals some honey from the bees, surely she will be satisfied with all this sweetness.

so why do you burn the bush?

This is sacred land, Don’t you know?

Be a good brother and bring the lovely message from our father, I’ve been gone way too long. It’s so good to know that he has not forsaken me. What good would it have been if I had gained all the world for the cost of my soul? I will honour our father, this too shall fall under his Kingdom.

Look, his blood is all over me, giving his life daily, giving his sun,giving yet another chance to rejoice, Oh Long Live The King.

I regret to ask, but when will you depart my brother? I am well aware that your mission will lead you to many difficult lands. The children would be happy to slaughter a lamb and prepare a meal ahead of your travels. The young boys have just recently returned as men, and they would love to show you what they have learnt.

and yet you still burn the bush?

When Humans fall, they get up.

Demons come to steal, kill and destroy.

Remember the message of the father that led you here. Be gentle, you too were once a gentile – lost – but now you have been found, nurtured, trained and shown the way so that you too may take up the father’s business, sharing in his glory, knowing very well that nobody deserves to share in that story, but he agreed to call it history, and raised up the sun so that we may all be able to see, then he left for us a seed to watch over. . . Are you telling me that you also want to devour that which God pronounced as sacred?

an Angel’s fall becomes Devils. judged. done and dusted, old and rusted, torn and clustered. left and awaiting the fire.

Do yee also choose to defile your father’s couch?

This is sacred land. you squander all that you have inherited, sell your brothers to pirates and your sister to scavengers.

For your sake, I hope it will never be too late to seek forgiveness, to return to the light of love, shying away from the fire of rage, the fear of fear, the death of the dead, the scorn of the envious, the filth of pigs, sss of snakes – crawling shamelessly, misleading – stay away.

take up your seed and plant it. This is sacred land. Take up that which you’ve worked for and be satisfied. love your neighbour. Let brothers cross the street so that they can borrow once more.


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