A hot stove, a smooth groove, a white goose I dreamt.

Partnerships are unincorporated associations with a wide range of the same time consuming formalities that come with penalties, like when can I tease, or may I please.

I am as a hog rolling in my own mess and I am not sure what to do with my life yet I have to do the rest to the best of my abilities, my probabilities, the same things I could not do before I got washed up on shore.

These parts of the Australian legislation were omitted from the aforementioned policy but they will feature in the next one and they have been warned that the Holy spirit will not make it easier.

Women have come into my life and gone but my ego’s outlasted them all in the jeans that remain stained with the hot beans and my mother last washed them and I haven’t touched any of it since.

If anyone understands, please come over and teach me for I was unable to keep my eyes up in class. I slept away day dreaming and this is what I’ve found.

The truth in the mystery and laughter in misery, threading endlessly on the thin line between bravery and stupidity, genius and foul… Either one of the wisemen or delusional – blessed or downright cursed – forced his way through gravity to find space on the earth.

Pain of childbirth O’ beauty of life. Riches and charity, hunger and gloom. East, West and Northern hemispheres like Pac-Man and Co.

The confused and the good ones who are you my friend?

Slander and Slumber go hand in hand, so I’m the last one up, be the last one to laugh, and the dreamers are tough, but no dream was enough

This one can’t have and ending coz that would mean it’s been touched.


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