21st Century Natural Selection

The voice of the old wise man within me came up and told me that the restless young man was causing havoc within me.

I told him I know.

He said they’re asking questions of faith, losing patience and wait, their hatred seems to be gaining weight.

They don’t believe in my direction, they no longer feel my protection.

I told him, you’re the prophet within. Go back to them and show them some signs, like the meaning behind my recent designs.

I’m growing older during a time when not even global warming can stop me from getting colder. Tell them that I bear their pain on my shoulder, with every breath of life in this body now in my hands, for it seems motivation won’t come from anywhere else but me.

So they’re bound to feel a little less protected, the naked truth is what I’m searching for, but the naked truth is that maturity comes only after the wounds are allowed to heal.

And I’m keeping it real. Go back in there and warn of the many evils that await them outside. I’m battling contradictions while facing up to addiction, I hope one day they will see that the young man I am was truly the old wise man within.

For my thoughts, I’m preparing a paradise of stillness and peace, for this is no story of the great Hercules of Greece. This is the true tale of a corrupted soul trying to escape the smoky mirrors of a corrupted world.

Go back to them and be crucified by my fear of criticism and fear of optimism in the land of dread. Wise old me, be the sacrifice until the day when you will one day sit victorious – celebrating my refusal to succumb to the urges of drunkenness just make me numb, having to do more than just play it a little dumb to blend into the twenty first century… For I refuse to be woven into a waivering of my right to stand alone when I wasn’t invited along… to see the light through the tunnel of life in spite of the overshadowing darkness of unfulfillment bargaining a cheaper end of my existence.

Tell the restless young man within, that his needs will be catered for in due time. But there’s a lot of learning awaiting me ahead – so let all that I know prepare to weaken the the shackles which protect them, open the gates and prepare for battle…

Because if it’s going to be a matter of natural selection, then only the fittest shall survive, and that’s a policy I’ll implement first from within.


  1. Brilliant writing! The last line made me sad though. Don’t kill off the inner selves – make room for them. Create boundaries that make it safe for them to grow. But what do I know? I’m just a 60-year-old Grandma who is only now learning to listen to those inner voices.

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  2. None of us gets out of here alive but the best we can do is to front up and just find a way to love the hurting places and not make our hurts grow. Numbing the pain never works, only feeling it through and finding the lessons for you. ❤

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