Choosing Personality.

One of the most important things in life is the aspect of personality. With a background to your upbringing, environment, personal goals and your viewpoint to circumstance… The personality holds the eyes with which we can see the world and also what we don’t see in the world.

This is why I make lemonade out of all the lemons I get. I squeeze even the strawberries to add to the blend, trying to make sure that I understand the little that I’m supposed to, while also peeking into the unknown.

It’s all such a lovely experience, but of course it has its gravity. Don’t act too surprised when the leader in you begins to conflict with your weaknesses. Try not to be alarmed when sin and obedience begin tornade within your heart. Appreciate your kindness in the mist of your pride, and see that even a good friend can sometimes say no.

It’s a grand fruit basket of life. But one day we will have to find a specialty. That’s why it’s important to remain aware of all your traits, because the day will come when you have to choose the few that you value the most.

You ever noticed how death can be so appalling, but then you look at something you truly love and see that you’d be willing to die for it? I see that in my little brother for example. That part of me which wants the best for him stands much higher than any of my own personal successes.

And that’s the making of a great man… And woman. One who lives a life of conviction. It’s a symbol of direction. That we understand that the race must come to finish at some point. And a convicted finish seems to me fulfilling, and the nearest thing to a proper story ending.

You know how you cannot please everybody? Well the same goes for all your personalities. Some must partake in the marathon of time, while some will probably be better suited to the quick sprint of necessity.

What I’m trying to say here is that awareness of the inner you, will help you know the distinction between beginner you and every other you that will come through the journey of progression, until you become a professional of yourself… One who has very little regret, blame and who can be proud of the accumulated fame, even if it’s only confined to the people in your family’s picture frame.

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