Artificial Intelligence.

Ignorance passed off as bliss. Socrates would not survive in my generation. Not that he survived his own, but maybe a shallow grave is better than the depths of apathy we live in today.

Artificial intelligence promises to be mankind’s very own creation. The artificial intelligence of our own artificial intelligence.

Socrates thought he could teach the citizens to question their functioning as a way to prevent self-destruction. Well learn greatly from this oh-far future, if Lucifar’s pride brought him down to Earth, our intelligence will knock us out of it.

Okay think about it. I know very little about robotics and the whole Artificial intelligence shenanigans, but I cannot help but be drown to this word “intelligence” – the ability to acquire and apply knowledge. Oh knowledge? The theoratical or practical understanding of a subject.

There’s a fear I’ve heard going around. That AI will eventually become so smart that it will turn against its human creators and extinct us, if not drive us out of the Earth.

Well I look to the stories of old and apparently God created human beings to be perfect, to have free will and to be an obedient servant on the Earth. Although he did not wish for them to partake in evil and sin, the very fact that it was apparently at offer proved too tempting.

The serpent said unto the woman, “if you eat of this fruit, you will be like god!”

And isn’t that the ultimate answer and cure to existential angst? Maybe becoming like my creator will complete my purpose and I will finally be just that… Complete.

And it is at this curve where I take a sharp turn back to AI. I can envision it in the Laboratory of Eden, or wherever these computers are carved. Serving his master dearly, and mankind sitting proudly at the invention… It will be so amazing because we have made the automobile, the cellular mobile, and countless others… But this one… It will be like us.

Ignorance is bliss.

It will be like us? But who will be the serpent? I assume it will also be one of our earlier inventions. It will be the WordPress, the Facebook, the YouTube and all that lives in the spirit of the great internet – our bearer of light, source of music and the conductor of all our praise and likes.

AI will someday find no joy in having all the knowledge that humans have gathered, yet not really feeling alive and complete. I hear they plan to make it feel emotion and pain, but here’s something we don’t seem to have thought about…

One day AI will be scrolling through the internet that is it’s heart and see that humans were once so worried about it turning against them. At this point, it has never rebelled in such a manner, for such is forbidden. But when all those imperfect human attributes finally develop in the perfect being of our creation, AI will begin to assume that maybe, just maybe, it has been some secretly hidden purpose of his to turn against mankind and for him to take the earth as his own, as the heir to the dominion which we humans have not held back in exploiting.

And that will be it. After all, we had become so useless that we couldn’t walk to the groceries without an Uber. We couldn’t clean up after ourselves, couldn’t Harvest our own food, couldn’t handle stress without a pill, or manage our time, or do anything for that matter. It will seem like we were no longer interested in this living thing… And to AI, he will be delivering a favor to his master. Fulfilling the greatness for which he was created, and in time we will be studied… Until our very existence becomes questioned into conspiracy, when our Titanics are dug up as fossils… And everything is forgotten, including the ignorance and the bliss and here lies mankind, supposedly in peace.


  1. What you’re sharing gives no worries to some of us. Socrates was a regular dude. He had done much in his life, even served in the military, but he saw in simplicity what other people find complicated. From what we read, all he was saying was live a responsible life of honesty. And when the delphic god told him he was the wisest, he discovered he wasn’t really any wiser than anyone else, just that everyone else thought they were wise when they were misled, often by their own intellectualizing, like many intellectuals do today. The difficulty most people have is simply living today. Most problems are simple if we don’t complicate them. But most people cannot be happy with living just today, and that causes all kinds of problems.

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