A) No Title

Trying to intoxicate myself with this music, trying to feel the sting to my heart as the guitar strings play I need a bruise from this part- I wish my heart could relate. Just as I’m pumping my head with every drum beat, I just wanna be in the sweet melody.

I plead – play on.

The worldly things are none but sins but the worldly things are none but home and home is the only place where I’m not alone so excuse me as I wait on my phone for it won’t be long until I’m gone in search of my long lost back bone which I lost somewhere along the journey to perfection bending over in the wrong direction for people who didn’t catch me falling and others who didn’t stratch me back and in so doing leaving me itching on revenge while digging a trench near the bench where the boys used to play, this time I’ll make them pay.

Forgive them father, they know not what they’re doing. Forgive me father I don’t care.

Your people shall perish for lack of knowledge. But I’m apathic, Pathetic and I am for the cherry on top – a lunatic.

I hate evil but I’m not so fond of good neither. I’m waiting on everything to whither just as my stance on everything else eventually did because the meaning to it all was so well hid and the ground I stood on nurtured the rain until from beneath me it all suddenly slid.

For someone who knows all my weaknesses, it certainly once felt like you were feeding off my weaknesses. So I’ll give you more as a token of our love. I’ll shed a tear and tear my skin and shed that for you too.

I wish one day I’ll regret every word once said and accept it all as simply my dues being paid and finally say that I’ve been made. That I have life beyond the fear of the pain of the knife.

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