Month: February 2019

A) No Title

Trying to intoxicate myself with this music, trying to feel the sting to my heart as the guitar strings play I need a bruise from this part- I wish my heart could relate. Just as I’m pumping my head with every drum beat, I just wanna be in […]

That Day.

I’m protecting my mind and all that it holds. I’m protecting my mind as the gate to my heart. But Oh if only I could admit, how I long to be found out. Yes I long to be exposed. Waiting for the day when the chains to the […]

Out of the Blue.

It’s too real out here, I can’t explain. And even worse, I can’t escape. It’s a different kind of pain. I’m in bed all day, yet my body still functions – it just seems to have run out of battery. I quickly grew out of Santa Clause and […]

Break The System.

This morning Sam Zulu woke up – barely – just on time to get into the shower and make it to the first lecture of the year. This is university, so forget breakfast… Along with all the other important things in life. It’s time to get with the […]


I wanted everything so much that nothing was my second choice. Thought I could tame the wild beast but he broke the chains and has come out to feast. What can I feed him before he realises I don’t have much to offer and runs off to devour […]

To know or No to Know?

Going through mid-life crisis in his early twenties because the thought of waiting that long weighs too heavy on his heart. Set the mind a little less from expectation, do away with ambition here and now in the ignorance of youth. Maybe when the time comes, he will […]