The Journey.

The biggest mistake is thinking you have arrived. For this life is not a destination, but a forward moving journey of stimulation.

Discover your path, identify the next gate and get moving on. Love, laugh, Fear and Cry – this way you will know you’re alive.

Accept change, for it is inevitable. It is necessary even when it presents itself scary. Celebrate your victories, but do not neglect those of others. Mourn your failures, and remain open to support.

Yes, you will fall…you may still crawl. But when you get the courage to stand up again, the power is within you to take the next step.

Sometimes the roads will present a pit that seems made specifically for you to fall, but remember that you need to take a few steps backwards, then come back faster in order to make the jump!

Remember that everybody is on the journey. Our paths may intersect at any time, and some may even run parallel with yours forever. If you find me along the way, take me with you today… I will learn from you and offer my shoulder…

But if I start to break away, let me go – let her go, and him too… Our time has come to an end, but the journey goes on.

Feel free to be angry. But don’t hold a grudge. Forgive – even if you can never forget. Remember that anger is punishing yourself for another person’s mistakes.


  1. I like 👍 that you are doing original thought! That’s very good. If you don’t mind, how old are you? Youth is such an impressionable time. Experience to extremes and read a good book now and then. Cram your head and heart ❤ while you can! Peace.

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