Month: January 2019

Punch lines.

It frightens me. I am so close to writing only full stops. Like so many words are unnecessary to convey the message. For the few that understand, maybe it was a special assignment. It’s all about alignment. An author trying to pick up an audience, when really the […]

Falling is best.

A wish upon a shooting star, a wish to walk upon the clouds and see the gods in all their might. A dream come true when he flew straight to the skies, up – up – and away he goes. And there he was amongst the skies, so […]

The Journey.

The biggest mistake is thinking you have arrived. For this life is not a destination, but a forward moving journey of stimulation. Discover your path, identify the next gate and get moving on. Love, laugh, Fear and Cry – this way you will know you’re alive. Accept change, […]