Oh my Word

Then Sandra said, I feel like I can’t say half the stuff I’m meant to. How could I when people get so offended so quickly?

I’ve got problems that I cannot even deal with because I have to keep them in. It’s too dangerous out here, everybody got their own beliefs these days. You can’t even cut the leafs without hurting someone’s god.

Stacey had a heart of gold and it grew onto her like a hard earned reputation, she said: oh my word, what have I done? Turned into little miss perfect and now I’m stuck in a pot at the end of the rainbow as a symbol for better days.

And I said, what’s with all the commotion? It sounds like revolution, it feels like condemnation just doesn’t do it no more, it’s kinda boring keeping score. I commit so much literary murders, my sins refuse to desist. I’m power hungry only from fear of weakness, or so I say to myself to relax the guilt from everything I’ve built that’s corrupted the self, the nation and dreams. I always hear their screams and taste their tears and see a long face for everyday in such a short life. I talk too much to myself but never say too much, unless it’s something to do with mischief, then I breathe a sigh of relief and cloud up my perceptions and keep no receptions.

Then you said, oh my word, you say a whole lot of nothing with a pinch of some good something. I’m lost in the beauty of meaningless art at the expense of a pure heart that’s been dragged through the dirt. I feel your pain, that’s what you said. You always say the right things and understand all my words like they were meant for your ears, and your mind to decipher.


  1. It didn’t use to be so bad, where everything is so politically correct and someone is offended and people are supposed to conform to that neurosis. The thing that took the cake for me this year were the people rising up to ban a song at Xmas that had been playing on the radio for about 60 years because they wanted to interpret it now as sexist against a man who was trying to “get some” and wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Baby its Cold Outside”. Every year it played and no one had a problem with it – but this year they wanted to ban it. I don’t envy the youth trying to grow up in the world today.


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