South African summer Vacation!

It’s summer time down here in South Africa. Maybe I’m a little too late with this post, but pehaps now you can plan a trip for next year.

We love our December, we go all in Ballin and whatever. If you are one to look for peace and space, this is not your place. We pick up the pace, and race throw the heat with some ice cold drinks in the cooler.

What could be cooler? Everybody fill your pool up coz we about to splash! Some young boys are about to smash, we spent all year working hard and saving up the cash.

But be warned. You’re gonna have to be careful on our roads, I’ve seen horrific accidents up to the bucket load. But hey, what’s life without a little risk? Get yourself down here and make sure you give me a call, we about to have a ball… Some footy, volley, we can do it all with your brand new beach ball.

Bikinis out, we’ve also got the summer bodies, yes all the hottest hotties, these mummies live for the noise so please don’t call up the police.

But no reason to worry, they definitely won’t show up in a hurry, they’ll be all over the roads looking to make some money.

Oops, I spent too much time on the internet, it’s time to get back to the party! As for you, I think it’s time to change your plane ticket, come down here quick before accommodation runs out. We’ve got Durban with the warm Indian Ocean, Cape Town is the best place for you snow bunnies – I’m talking about whoever is afraid of too much heat, because these currents come straight from Antarctica. And for the city Boys who love the night life, the fast lane and popping champagne, I suggest you come over to my home city, Joburg, the gold city – we’ve got it all right here so don’t let me hear nobody asking about anywhere else.

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