Has anybody done it?

At 22 I stand firm as a product of the Era of the Television. That is the time just before the current state of Internet-dominence. The age of the couch potato and the Glory Days of Hollywood and all her by-products.

One of the most famous themes that prevailed in this time was the dream of a young person who was in a rigid cycle of life, filled with too many undesirable features and the feeling of suppression, she decides that it’s time to live life by her own terms. Let’s now address her as our hero, but she can also be a dude…you know, male.

So our hero finds it fitting to escape her current world, I wonder if any of the movie and song writers would be able to answer as to where these Characters got so much courage. But yeah, as Carly Rae Jepsen sings, “Run away with me” – that is the motto. Find somebody you love, somebody to share the good times, the bad, and the desperate… We will go through it together, maybe because I’d be too scared to do it alone, but it would also be so much more beautiful that way hey?

Even today, it’s run over into the internet age because I’m pretty sure I heard similar lyrics on a song I heard on YouTube. My friend suggested it for me, I wonder if she is like me and actually pays attention to the words that are being spoken. I wonder if she would also be willing to run away from it all. Well probably not with me, but maybe if I actually do it, she would follow suite and have me as an example. Yes, approval. That’s one of the other themes of our age, and I’m no different, I need it just as much as I need that selfie whenever I’m at the beach.

But honestly speaking, has anybody ever done it? That is, run away from a secure life, that job and the responsibilities that quickly follow just on time to keep you trapped in the system, you’re never gonna get out!

Well I would like you to know that I am going to actually take that step. I am going to find out for the rest of us if it is actually possible. I am going to suffer the embarrassment on your behalf, make it a little easier for anybody else that may feel the same way at a latter stage. I don’t need much from the world, just wish me luck, wish my fate upon me, let me be and be and be.


  1. Yes, I left a “secure” job I hated. It was risky falling back on my benefits, but I was done with being bullied. The job had been so mindless and time-consuming with being a robot. My mind had to be free, I so I took the liberty in a big way.

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    1. Wow haha Rob meeting you has been one of the greatest pleasures if I am honest. I feel like you experience everything that I think I am… But soon I too will bring myself to that experience, I’ll let you know when I do. Thank you

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      1. In one word? Freeing. Yes, it can be a bit scary wondering what’s going to happen next etc. Have faith. A backup plan. My plan was just that. To enjoy my time off and not worry about work. Best of luck. You’ll know when the time is right. It can be soon since you’ve been thinking about it. 😉


  2. I actually ran away with a carnival for a season when I was mid-twenties. I was no worse for the wear. Loved the travel and the experience but reality brought me better goals. Have fun!


  3. I left a secure life in Texas at the age of 38. Two thriving businesses, houses, cars, motorcycles, pets…. so much physical stuff that I should have been the happiest person in the world. Finally, on April 15, 1993, I just disappeared. I drove to Fargo ND with the intent of killing myself in Canada. Two weeks later, though, I showed up in San Diego, and decided to live. Never went back to Texas. I had gotten tired of keeping up with the Joneses and living my life for everyone except me. Moving a thousand miles away from everyone and starting over did me a world of good, and I haven’t looked back.


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