Leave The President Alone

But I am a man with so much to offer, yet I find myself with no takers in a world that does not know what it wants I had to convince everyone that I was enough and that was when I lost myself in a space of never ending possibilities I could not commit myself to anything.

I stopped believing that I was being oppressed. I stopped complaining that the President and his officials had failed me, because it was you who voted him into office. He staked his promise in a speech much similar to this one, you believed him and now he’s doing what he believes has to be done in order to leave his very own footprint. The country is his paper and he is the artist, if he sees it only able to benefit a few, the minority, the 1 percent, or even himself and his household alone, I say let him be. Let the people struggle until your society starts to actually believe in selflessness and produces a child who will sacrifice himself and his future for the benefit of the many.

And what about that white boy my age who inherited his father’s business and employed all his mates into top managerial posts? I say let him do what he wants with what is his own. Let the mother raise her children the way she sees fit because it was her alone who carried them for nine months in the womb. You didn’t feel her pain then, so do not come as if you have anything to gain.

Jean-Paul Sartre aimed to show that a person first exists without purpose or definition, then finds himself or herself in the world and, as a reaction to experience, defines the meaning of life. If you have understood anything I’ve said until this point, you may find it quite controversial to say that people should leave things as they are. You may understand my point with regard to a person’s personal and private choices, but maybe the assertion on leaving the President or government officials to their doings may not sit as easily.

However, the focus here is that Identity is not something that a person is born with. It is something that a person is born into. Your family, society and experiences define this thing that you call yourself, your Identity. In a society where only evil exists, every child will grow up to do evil – not with an evil heart, but out of only knowing evil. It is not until that child sees an outside community that does good that he will be given a new choice to choose whether to continue with evil or to start doing good.

So when you find your President or neighbour doing something that you find undesirable, I suggest that you look at yourself and your community. Have you people laid a platform for that person to see going good as the best option? You know talk is cheap, and with that being said, I totally understand the state of my bank account. But we are living in an age now, more than ever, where Identity is something that people are struggling to accept or understand…That is why you find so many struggles with mental health.

The balance between “What I have to do” – “What I want to do” – “What I am doing” has to be considered in this modern age where many people are quick to claim a certain belief, but when push comes to shove, they do something from the complete opposite. Consider the millions of people who claim to be of the Christian Faith today. The Bible, which is supposed to be their manual to life, has Jesus Christ saying, “if you want to be my follower, you must Die To Self, carry your cross and follow me”… Matthew 16:24-26

There is no place for personal ambition in Christianity, “if we are to inherit with Christ, then we must suffer with him too”…Romans 8:17

“For we are soldiers and soldiers do not get entangled in the affairs of civilians”…2 Timothy 2:4

So if you say you are of this Christian Faith, you should then be the last person to complain about a corrupt government and be quick to get into prayer, as your commander would instruct you to. If these principles are key to Christian living, then the people should behave this way and you would see your children growing freely into this Identity and less problems for you, and more solutions for your community.

Author’s Note

This was not a post about Christians as you may find it, however, I have used the little that I know from this community of people to show how identity works. If you know any other examples, PLEASE share in the comments section. If you have something to dispute, Feel Super Free to Do so. If Offence was passed your way, do so too…Thank you for Reading.


  1. Excellent post. What I have experienced in close to 40 years of voting is that no elected official ever has a platform that makes everyone happy. People will choose the one that says they will do the least damage to their well being. There are times that those shouting the loudest get exactly what they want, and also that once they get all they want, want even more. At a tipping point those that were quiet about who got in charge will just go to the polls and vote a person in that they prefer, not because they feel that they will do a better job, but because they have grown tired of not having someone represent them. I see people of all age groups and walks of life crying foul over the choices that have been made, demanding do overs if you will. They seem to have forgotten that there are times in life when things don’t go your way. Instead of looking and asking themselves why did this happen they pull out all the big guns in an effort to destroy everything. The belief that if you yell and scream and throw tantrums, eventually people will cave to your point of view don’t work any more. I understand others point of view. I accept that occasionally government will not work for me. I accept that even when it is, that there may be things that I don’t like either. But many people just seem to want to brush my concerns aside as being wrong because they know better. All it has done is pushed themselves into an echo chamber where all they hear are those that share their same belief, and those that don’t? Well we have all walked away, and will just ignore all they say, because they were unwilling to at least listen to us. And those in the silent majority will just vote for the person we feel is trying. And if it benefits us even a little, it is a better choice than the one that would destroy our families and friends.

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    1. The opening of our own minds can remove so many clogging beliefs… I really like your comment, it’s like reading a post on it’s own… Imagine that… I’m so far from being a person that even I can be proud of, but it’s so much better to know than to go around shouting as if anything is mine to demand. Thanks

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