Out Of My Mind!

Once upon a time there lived a boy, a naughty boy, a little boy with nothing in his hands but trouble on the double. One golden morning our naughty little boy set out on an adventure to destroy the peace. He said to himself, “oh look how all these folks go through life with ease. If I can’t have my piece, I’ll fill their tanks with flees!”

So the little boy started on his journey of evil. He stopped by the gates of the yellow cottage on the hillside that was the home of Mrs Widow Kensworth. He shouted, “Little old lady, Little old lady, Come out Come out I have a treat for you. Bring me your dog and today alone I will give him a wash for no Penny”

He did this jumping from house to house, yard to plot and by the break of noon he had collected enough flees to fill the bucket at his knees. A few minutes of rest will do, he said to himself, having shown great determination to disrupt the pleasant joy in this comfy little town.

You see, this little naughty boy that lived once upon a time was a city boy. He had travelled with his mother from town to town, always being forced to move because his mother’s work was apparently “unorthodox” (whatever that means)…He had heard this description of his mother’s work from his friend Rufus back when they lived in Handercliff-town. Rufus overheard his father spreading the news to his mother over dinner and the round table…

Anyway, yes, he was a city boy you see, and he liked the fast and uncertain life that those folks live that side. And since they were always moving, him and his mother, he became rather lonely and began giving up on ever making friends if it only meant that he would leave them a couple of months after growing fond and a bond with them.

Eyyy, pssssttt!!! it’s supposed to be “his mother and him”…and I’m not lonely, I just really think this place is boring and I’d like to give them a little something to get their blood pumping…haha, IF you know what I mean *WINK*


It’s me mate, I’m doing it. You’re doing it to be exact, but practically I’m the one doing it. Here’s a suggestion, Try making me sound less like some antient Medieval folktale…Give me an I-phone and a Kim Kardashian, come on man, I’m your imagination…live a little!

First of all, Who are you?

I’m the little naughty boy. You know, the one you didn’t even bother to name. Thanks a lot Einstein…

You’re the naughty Boy in the story that I’m writing?

Yes mate, Come on, Don’t act like this is the first time you’ve ever spoken to yourself. Just because I came now in the form of a fancy little character you were trying to create, doesn’t mean I’m any less realer than any of your other thoughts…

Wow, I never thought I’d ever have one of my stories talk back to me, this is weird. should I be worried? Ahh man, now for sure I’m going crazy! *SIGH*…How did this happen?

Ah dude, I wasn’t here for a Q and A session. I only wanted to suggest that you put me in the next scene with an actual babe instead of some Granny in a cottage bro, Come on!!

Haha, I like the feel of that story, You just had to be patient and wait until the end of the story and stop being like everyone else who likes jumping to conclusions, and even worse, like the rest of the other thoughts that come out of my head without even giving each other a chance to finish and me a chance to breathe and catch some air, and have some peace…man, why doesn’t anyone ever just let me have my piece?

Damn! Chill bro. I’m only here because you believe in me so much. I am a figment of your imagination, I’ve been in your head for so long and now you finally took the time to write about me. And when you wrote about me, you probably allowed me to manifest and I just had to take my opportunity man. As you said, those thoughts in your head don’t play fair, so I thought I’d just pop up and ask that you give me a few nice things to go back with you know, just until the next time you think about me…

Ya well I’m sure you know that I don’t really have much control over what happens in there man. And I’m sure there are some rules, or at least there should be some rules against words talking back to their author or whatever you are…

Hells Yeah there are rules bro! Haha But read up, you’re the one who said I’m a naughty Boy..Haha, So I guess this is me pouring flees into your tea pot too hehe…Now Give me a name, It will help you remember me, Please bro…

Okay, here’s your name, Fold! Now do as your name and Fold back to where you came from!






  1. Kind of reminds me of _Secret Window_, a movie I saw ages ago based on a Stephen King story… about a writer who cracks up with an identity delusion and murders two people… Not sure what your point was in this one, but giving free rein to your imagination is cool, IMO. Take care 😛

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