Month: September 2018


Talk to me about the spirit. Enlighten me. I grow ever closer to the world and further away from God, so I need to be reminded of his Glory. C.S Lewis made an anology of the weight of Glory. Imagine yourself enjoying a beautiful sunset on the horizon. […]

Gold City Boyz

Gold city boy, so you know my potential is golden. Africa’s capital city, Joburg, our business needs capital transactions. My talent and movement you cannot apprehend. I’m only appreciated by the apprentences on my right hand. I don’t even bother with many because they die and rest in […]

Character Flaw

It came to a point when I realised that nobody was actually listening. Five years later at gatherings or some random reunion, I became accustomed to the melodies on the beat of your chuckles saying, “When he talked, we just nodded and he’d go on, didn’t even realise […]

Breaking Bars

Meditation for internal stimulation, I’m going through hibernation, looking for peace and relaxation because lately I’ve been anxious too much. I’ve been tested too much, but instead of preparing for the challenge, I turn to texting too much. It’s September but I’ve been having the same battles since […]

Circumstantial Humility

When you have been a vegetarian through circumstance, it’s hard to become a vegetarian by choice. My experience with poverty takes me back to the days as a young barefooted lad in the dusty gravel roads of Limpopo, one of the poorest provinces in South Africa. On those […]

Coming out…

As I look at the city and see the beautiful lights that shine in this night. I appreciate this view. But then during the day, I struggle to appreciate the magnificent sun, the mother of all the light that I know. And even now, as I look up […]


Bubbly me, same old bubbly me… Bubbles. They fly into the air and give a quick thrill. They fly into the air, some in this and some in that direction – they grab the attention – a pleasant sensation. Yes, such a quick thrill. Small things amaze the […]