Month: July 2018

I Love Cheap Thrills!

I’m spoilt for choice really on the type of person I can choose to be in this life. You saw that film about that bloke who had multiple personalities, well I’ve got multiple casualties that have left me with a choice: revenge like a savage or avenge and […]


Contentment…I treat this word with contempt. Trying to pay attention to only the positive content but something always wants to tempt. Resentment is an overwhelming feeling I have to admit. Trying to stay optimistic under the pressure to submit. I have this head that feels like it’s not […]

Word ArT

Words are words, it’s nothing special, just a bunch of letters put together. Words are Words, it’s nothing special, just a language to communicate. Words are Words, it could be special, but only if I pick them right. Words are Words, it’s nothing complex, just pick a pen […]