Time will tell.

“Everything that happens in the darkness shall come to light”. Stay close because time will tell – and sadly, when she speaks, too often we don’t listen.

Watch the body language. Relax everything else and just watch…watch and listen for she speaks an awesome revelationary tale. I cannot stress it enough the importance of the truth, it sticks to you like a stink of death.

The price of sin is death…I wish you’d listen before time runs out, she tries to warn you and even as she leaves she will continue to speak…only this time she will tell it all to the master – from the time you lied to the wild parties you held in his house. Let me say it in your language then, Time will snitch.

Think back to the old days and try to remember your innocence…take care of the children because the Kingdom belongs to them. Your ancestors died for this knowledge when they ate of that tree, and now they drag you down along with them. You asked and you shall receive – so worry not as the birds do…or should I say “don’t”? Either way, time will tell.

There is a season for planting and a season for harvest, how does the farmer know this? Time tells. A good seed and a bad seed go into the same ground, how do you know which is true? Wait for the fruits – Learn her voice and you shall prosper.

Get your mind right and turn on your heart’s sight, there will be choices to make so make sure you hear it right…it might be tonight and that is alright but to dwell on this will wear your might and erode your delight so take it easy and enjoy the moon light.


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