Fake People.

So many of us spend anxious hours thinking that something we have never had is going to bring us into greener pastures.

Failing to see that those who do have it spend sleepless hours trying to fight off the demons that come with it.

I speak in such a manner that you better hope I stay at the bottom, that way I’ll remain humble and you can excuse everything I say as unproven.

But at the end of the day, I don’t see you, don’t feel you and I certainly don’t hear you.

But I do smell you, after all I am not senseless, you smell like a Rat.

You are the type of person to instigate and conspire with us ways to reach emancipation and peace but when the time comes to cross the bridge you pull out life jackets and everyman is for himself.

That’s why I never fail to evaluate before I graduate every acquaintance, there’s degrees before speaking of friendship – if I ever let my guard down you’d probably land me in an obituary transcript.


  1. I really like your observation that when it’s brass tacks, it’s every man for himself. I ran into that in a workplace. The whole agency was a sham with their religion. And then the layoffs came and it turned into sheer Darwinism.

    It’s a cynical point, but very apt. Have a great day.

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