Old is Gold.

“This growing old is getting old I often find myself here thinking about the birds, the boats and past loves who flew away or started sinking” – Fun.

But growing old means getting bold and understanding your pastures better, seeing the path that life has prepared before you and finding manoeuvres that work-out and those that work you into a dugout

The older I get, the more I start to care about the things that really matter. Things like family and finding friends who lay strong foundations to weather the storm, fight fire with fire and come out stronger.

The older you get the more you see time doing what she does best, which is to reveal the things that are real. With age you begin to see the cracks on the walls and the rust on the metallic foundations that have kept you going.

And it was with getting older that I began to see my family in its true light, the perfection in the imperfections that have brought me to where I am today.

The older I get I reach that time where the shells are broke, I hatch out and start to see the cost of my evolution – understanding that life is a constant battle and appreciating the sacrifices that parents make for the sake of their children and household.

The older I get, having seen the kind mistakes I regret, the more love I begin to get as I see the selflessness of a mother trying to create a balance for her children to grow into. I begin to not only see the need to succeed for my future, but also the want in me to succeed in celebration for my history.

Oh getting old can be so cold when climbing the mountain of life, but getting old can be so gold when you reach the end of the rainbow after the rain.

Yes growing old seems like it will be a storm, but I need to do it for the sake of where I’m from. I need to do it because the village will always be judging, after seeing all that I’ve been given, I need to stand proud and proven to show that after all that’s been done, I have learnt how to perform.

One comment

  1. Getting old is not easy it just happens faster than we thought possible. I am doing most of the best work as a writer as I get older. I am proud of me now and prouder looking back wards. I had success in union activities and playing in politics. Now I am a serious bloggger and an author with two books so far. My third and fourth are curently under construction with heavy beams holding me tight. I have to admit time was on my side once and I think I need to lasso it and pull it in to me close like.
    Just have fun in life the rest works out for us.


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