Month: June 2018

Time will tell.

“Everything that happens in the darkness shall come to light”. Stay close because time will tell – and sadly, when she speaks, too often we don’t listen. Watch the body language. Relax everything else and just watch…watch and listen for she speaks an awesome revelationary tale. I cannot […]

Truth is Light.

I believe the truth is the light and it shines in all of us. We all have the light and the truth within us. The truth is around us and the evidence macroscopic in the dust. It’s evident that I have been there if you find my footprints. […]

South africa vs Democracy.

The case of South Africa vs Democracy. This I know will turn into a confusing rumble of words for many readers – If anyone would even care to read past this upcoming full-stop. I blame that on our diluted education system. So we have a country that has […]

I am Fake!

All this talk about fake people around me can make one forget that I too am fake. I have to admit it but don’t get me wrong – I’m trying to be real so I can have something to be proud of. Being stuck in the middle of […]

Fake People.

So many of us spend anxious hours thinking that something we have never had is going to bring us into greener pastures. Failing to see that those who do have it spend sleepless hours trying to fight off the demons that come with it. I speak in such […]

Rubber Souls

I need those shoes with the rubber soles, they’re trendy, I think they’ll look cool. I could do with those shoes with the rubber soles to be flexible on any terrain. I need those shoes with the rubber soles, but I could do without a rubber soul, I […]

Working man.

What time is it? I don’t want to stay up too late again, it gets too tiring during the day when you don’t get enough rest at night. I learnt that lesson the hard way. This morning the boss woke up so early and I had to be […]


It is called History because it is His.Story! Who is he you ask? The Victor of course. Because he lives to paint the Picture. Dead men tell no Tales. They’re called tall Tales because they are Far from the Truth. Folktales because they’re told by Old folks. And […]

Old is Gold.

“This growing old is getting old I often find myself here thinking about the birds, the boats and past loves who flew away or started sinking” – Fun. But growing old means getting bold and understanding your pastures better, seeing the path that life has prepared before you […]