Month: April 2018

Loveless Love Letters

Dear Dorothy Is it your comforting touch, your cheering laugh or your tight squeezing hugs that’s got me missing you? Or maybe it’s just my regrets, of the pain I caused you that has got me thinking so deeply. I remember how your big eyes used to light […]

Beautiful Africa

Africa, the motherland, my motherland. My roots grow from deep in this land of dust and grass, trees and valleys – all made so beautiful under the African Sun. If I had the hand of a Picasso I would glue my eyes into the distance, grab a paint […]

The City & small towns

So I was taking a walk the other day, yes an actual walk – slow paced and with peaceful thoughts and maybe even a song (a calm song) – one that you would play even by the waterfall. Suddenly it began to drizzle and I was taking a […]

The Boys in Africa

I couldn’t believe in time travel until I realised it was simply being explained the wrong way. Numbers and fancy science sound smart but look around you it’s all in your face. Heritage and culture are vital. It is shameful to forget these principles, if you do – […]

In the Dark

Hidden in the dark are my fears and regrets and secrets of shame. I remain in the dark to keep a close eye on it all to make sure none of it escapes, to make sure nobody gets to see what I am and what I am not. […]

A Message from Below…

It only takes a moment for a story to be told for a life-time. So there I was asleep in the dark surrounded by four brave walls and cushioned by a single bed positioned in one of the corners. I dont have much of a pillow left but […]