The Story of a Bus Stop

Saturday morning and I’ve overslept. This leaves me with little over half an hour to get myself together, I promised that I wouldn’t miss Lisa’s little-league soccer game “for anything in the world” , for hers and my sake – let it not be missed because of Sleep!

So I get up and it’s decision time. I come to the conclusion that something is going to have to be sacrificed – Is it going to be a shower or breakfast? Well I did shower last night…so I’ll have my bacon and eggs.

I race up to the Bus Stop and it seems I’ve made it on time. So there’s this young lady sitting on the other end of the bench, she’s got on a red summer dress with yellow and purple flowers on it – what a pathetic description, but I don’t know flowers that well you see. She’s also got on a yellow head band, and she vibes just like a summer breeze on a lazy Saturday morning.

Anyways, “hello” as I wave in her direction. She lifts her head slower than frozen time and with a smile and no words she waves back. Okay, “why did she do that ?” I start to wonder as I slowly fall into my over thinking daydream.

The worst part about my over thinking is that I also believe that she is also over thinking, maybe she thinks I look good, maybe I’m her type, or maybe she’s expecting me to come closer to her and compliment her puffy sandals. Or maybe she’s not, maybe she’s thinking about her tall and muscular Boyfriend, he probably has some cool tattoos and a car – she’s probably waiting for him right now.

All this thinking and the Bench no longer holds two people. Between me and this beauty there now sits an entity made from a mixture of Fear and my Love for her. Yep that’s how quickly I fall in love – So you can imagine how many heartbreaks I’ve had, which should explain my fear…or maybe I’m just using that as an excuse for my lameness when it comes to making girls think I could be anything more than a friend.

So the bus comes around, she gets on and my theory about her boyfriend has already been proven false. I follow her on the bus, and it’s decision time again – do I sit next to her or not – let’s just say I found myself sitting some rows behind her regretting why I didn’t suck up my loser-tendencies and sit next to her. I could have been talking to her by now, could have made her laugh and she might have confessed that she likes me too…aaand I’m over thinking again.

The bus came up to my stop and she was getting off as well. I decided it’s time to man up and make my move. She walked up towards the soccer grounds and I followed, but I’ve got much longer legs than her so I couldn’t maintain my walk behind her even if I tried. I came closer to her and this was my chance, in my head I’m trying to bring all my pick up lines together for this big moment (not that any of them have ever worked) – it was almost time for action then she jumped on me, I wasn’t in it so I lost my balance and fell to the ground, “You kept your promise, I can’t wait for you to see me score” , Lisa said as she pressed me with a huge kiss on my cheek.

“I wouldn’t miss your game for anything in the world” , I replied.



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