Month: March 2018

Catch your heartbeat

I’m trying to write something to catch your heartbeat but you prefer crude lines on a trap beat. What could I say to remind you of the time when you used to believe in love? Which cords in your heart do I need to tap into to get […]


“There’s such a fine line between the things you want and the thing that you get.” Why are you so worried? Don’t you realise that the world and it’s fibers are just as loose as your problems? Imagine an ant on a full piece of paper. The paper […]

The Story of a Bus Stop

Saturday morning and I’ve overslept. This leaves me with little over half an hour to get myself together, I promised that I wouldn’t miss Lisa’s little-league soccer game “for anything in the world” , for hers and my sake – let it not be missed because of Sleep! […]

I dreamt about you

I dreamt about you last night, I don’t know where it came from but it reminded me that true Friendship is more powerful than distance and time. It’s been a decade since we bid our farewells on our last day of high school. You and I refused to […]


“Life is a Journey to be experienced, not a Problem to be solved”… Sounds easy and quite delightful, but a good Journeyman should remember that it helps to have a destination. Still if you don’t – I’m pretty sure nobody wants to end in a deadend with nothing […]