Month: January 2018

A Shoulder…

The older I get – The stronger I need to be – The weaker I am. “It’s age, it’s fate, it’s growing up”, I tell myself everyday. I need to be an example for the young ones back home – stand tall, “Thats my older brother”, they need […]

First Place

“Are you an Athlete? Because Darling you’ve been running up and down in my head all day long.” This morning I stayed an extra minute in bed reminiscing about the winter, thinking about the nights we stayed warm by the fire that burned much like my young heart […]

Giving Love over Using Love.

“Love makes the world go round”, what a lovely quote with a powerful hint hidden within. Love was never made for any one person to own, instead, Love was intended to be shared freely amongst all mankind. It’s sad to say that I can only imagine a world […]

Blogging, My new found Love.

Alone I sit in my dark room, it’s about midnight in Johannesburg, South Africa. Okay, so I’ve never been a huge fan of Social media – my last Whatsapp chat ended about an hour ago and I’m not about to go DM some stranger for a cheap conversation […]

Mi La Familia.

I chose you not and sometimes I’ve even felt like I could dispose you lot. They say blood is thicker than water and it’s true because even a blood stain is tougher to get rid of. I grow ever tired of this common sequence of African children growing […]