Real Advantages of Long Distance Relationships

It’s sad to say but we’ve all been in some kind of Long Distance Relationship. Which is why I find it a suitable topic to begin our adventurous search for Magic and Passion.
But Long Distance Relationships are not always bad, Some of us actually love this Kind of romance because:

1. You get to have someone to love without actually having to do anything for them. You know personal space is important.

2. Long Distance relationships rely on telling telling each other how you feel and most of us just need to be told that we are beautiful/handsome and that our beauty is noticed.

3. For those of you on the CHEAP side like me, isn’t it better to send Bae an emoji bouquet🌼 with 12 roses and that chocolate emoji🍫? After all, it’s the thought that counts right?

4. Cheating! Yes you F-boys and F-Girls can keep bae at a safe distance, just at the right point for you to come home at night and send that “Goodnight I love you and miss you” text…while you been with whoever and them all day. We see you.👀

5. It is easy to create meaningful moments and memories together with the promise that we will one day make it come true.

6. You can be whoever you want to be. Bae will never prove that you are actually the boring couch potato you really are if you keep telling him that you’ve been out with the girls all weekend.

Hehe we leave it there for now. I hope you could relate to this first post. But if you didn’t, share with a friend who is currently in a long distance relationship 😂 thank you guys. I won’t take too long with the next one ❤. Please like the page and share ☺

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