Free Love.

“Be careful the depth in which you love. Because that could be the depth of your heart break”

How can I say I truly love a person if I do not give them all of my love? Love is a healer, not a killer.

When you claim to have found a person who you love, you need to be talking about that very special person who makes you feel safe, you have to be speaking about that person that you can finally trust, and you need to be talking about the person who takes your heart away and doesn’t allow you to give him/her your love in installments

This is a kind of Love without Conditions. Of course there’s fear of the unknown, we are too often afraid that if we make ourselves vulnerable to the one we Love, they might take us for granted and crush us.

But the darkness can only be eliminated when there is light. If you love someone you have to be willing to walk into that person’s darkest corners of his heart. Your love will be your lamp and you will explore the hidden treasures of your loved one’s soul.

Be careful the depth you love – it could be the difference between a continued Life without Love and trust, or a Life forever transformed because of the Love one person has for another.



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