The First Post: LOVE

A friend of mine told me that in order for one to Win in this World there has to be a Loser to compensate and keep the Balance. He told me that there is no time to bring emotions into this cruel world because that will keep me from the money. I agreed with him in this regard because that is the value of money. When everybody has it, it becomes meaningless. I can only ever know I am poor when I have seen a rich person.

So that is the value of money and that is how it was meant to work. But now we have adapted the same system into our love lives and we only value our loved ones when they are no longer around. The morning kisses from your mother, the routine hug from your best friend and even that awkward attention from your crush…we only realise how good they made us feel when they’re no longer within reach.

So I thought of this briefly before I could end the conversation with my friend and I came to the conclusion that I CANNOT completely ignore my emotions because I am afraid of a world with no love. A world with no sympathy and a world where it’s “Every man for himself”…long story short, I started this blog in the hopes that I can encourage our hearts to beat once more in the name of love.

Because the value of Love is in contrast with the value of money. The value of Love is such that when everyone has it – that is the moment it becomes most effective.

Give Love a chance, it will not be easy, but it may just start a chain reaction in your heart which you can never turn back from. And that’s the kind of addiction this world needs

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