The Journey.

The biggest mistake is thinking you have arrived. For this life is not a destination, but a forward moving journey of stimulation. Discover your path, identify the next gate and get moving on. Love, laugh, Fear and Cry – this way you will know you’re alive. Accept change, […]

Oh my Word

Then Sandra said, I feel like I can’t say half the stuff I’m meant to. How could I when people get so offended so quickly? I’ve got problems that I cannot even deal with because I have to keep them in. It’s too dangerous out here, everybody got […]

Where is Home?

“They say home is where the heart is, but my heart is wild and free. So am I homeless or just heartless?” – beautifully written in the lyrics of the song Home by English singer, Passenger. For months these words have baffled my mind every time I sing […]

Has anybody done it?

At 22 I stand firm as a product of the Era of the Television. That is the time just before the current state of Internet-dominence. The age of the couch potato and the Glory Days of Hollywood and all her by-products. One of the most famous themes that […]

It can happen to me?

I just don’t think anybody could be this wrong and still think it’s so right. Surely there has to be something there that can be real? Surely if I hold on it will eventually reveal? But wow, it’s actually me whom the tables have turned against. I guess […]

Make some time to Mourn.

Controversy follows me like Fall after Summer. My tongue runs out of Truth and all I’m left with are yesterday’s Lies looking for back up in today’s battles. When we were younger it was nothing but protocol to drink some fake alcohol, pretending to be drunk as we […]